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If you want to quit auditing tickets, quit issuing tickets
ParkWeb Credit Card In/Out 

         Ticketless parking

How does it work?

At entrance, the parker pulls onto the arming loop activating the interactive LCD messaging system. The 4 x 40 LCD panel illuminates your preprogrammed message instructing the customer to insert and remove their credit card. Within 1/10 of a second ParkWeb verifies they have a valid credit card with a valid expiration date, raises the gate and stores the customers information into your database.

At exit, the parker pulls onto the arming loop activating the messaging system. Again they are presented with a preprogrammed message instructing them to insert and remove the same credit card they used to enter. If they have forgotten which card they used, the interactive system will prompt them "Sorry, 'Customers Name', please try another". Once the proper card is used, ParkWeb computes the fees, using the information retrieved from the database, prints the receipt, and raises the gate, all within 5 seconds.

Request a free CD explaining in further detail the workings of CCIO

  How can it work for me?

Do you have a separate lot? ParkWeb can be installed as an unattended Credit Card In/Out lot only, eliminating the need for additional cashiers, booths, or ticket dispensers.

Credit Card In/Out Lot Only

Exit Times Under 5 Seconds


With ParkWeb's unique method of processing transactions, the CCIO equipment will print a receipt and raise the gate in under 5 seconds.