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Sentry 4000
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If you want to quit auditing tickets, quit issuing tickets
Sentry 4000 Revenue Control System

IBM 4694 Sentry 4000

Sentry 4000 is a full featured Fee Computer using IBM PC based Point of Sale equipment. Sentry has more features and reports than any other fee computer on the market. it can be fully machine readable, on-line off-line, or manual entry in both valet park or self park applications

Multiple Sentry 4000's can be configured at exit using industry standard Ethernet 10BaseT connections.

Because this is a PC based revenue control system, reports can be save to hard disk, floppy disk, printed or exported via modem to a remote computer.

SPS Outdoor Fee Display

Standard Parking Systems manufactures this outdoor fee display using 1 &1/2" tall light reflective digits viewable in direct sun light. Perfect for Self Park locations where the display can be mounted directly to the side of the booth.